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Sharpen your Preparation with ELDT Prep App.

ELDT Prep App is a mobile application (app) that helps you to prepare for Entry-Level Driver Training online through free ELDT practice test. The app can be accessed and used by both students and driving schools.

The ELDT Certification guidelines are applicable to all those who are:
  • Obtaining a Class A or Class B CDL for the first time.
  • Upgrading from a Class B CDL to a Class A CDL.
  • Obtaining a School Bus Endorsement (S),
  • All those candidates who are looking for Passenger Endorsement (P), Hazardous material Endorsement (H) for the first time.

Entry-Level Driver Training constitutes Theory Instructions (Knowledge Training) and Behind the Wheel Instructions. A record of Commercial Driving License (CDL) applicants who have fulfilled the ELDT training course is maintained by the FMCSA Training Provider Registry, and only such candidates are qualified to get a CDL, subject to the conditions mentioned above. A minimum score of 80 percent must be achieved by the driver-trainee to qualify the theory assessment.

ELDT Prep App Has Lots To Offer!

We have a comprehensive ELDT training program that is totally free of cost and comprises ELDT practice test that resembles the actual ELDT test. Every major endorsement is covered, including General Commercial, Air Brakes, Hazmat, School Bus, Combinations, Passenger, Tanks, and Doubles/Triples. Our application allows you to solve problems in a set amount of time. It adequately prepares you for the real CDL test.

The app offers you an endless number of questions to practice and strengthen your preparation so that you can complete your ELDT training course timely and qualify the CDL exam on your first attempt. ELDT Prep App is simple to use and easy to access. We also have a news section to keep you updated with the trucking industry.

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Why Choose "ELDT Prep App" For Your ELDT Preparation?

An Abundance of Questions

To prepare you thoroughly for the ELDT Theory Instructions, we have a huge database of questions for our practice tests. Such rigorous and intense practice on our ELDT Prep App with help you answer any challenging question on your actual ELDT test.

ELDT Practice Test

Completing the Entry-Level Driver Training mandates is no child's play. It is important to learn. Your practice will be made easier by the mock tests available on the ELDT Prep App that are equivalent in standards to the real ELDT test, so you never feel under-prepared.

Simple User Interface

ELDT Prep App is simple and easy to use. You can either register with your phone number, get verified and start your preparation, or you can opt for the free practice tests available on the website. Getting yourself verified is ab uncomplicated process.

A One-Stop-Shop

If you are preparing for your ELDT Theory Instructions, the ELDT Prep App is the ideal app that can give you comprehensive learning and training experience through endless questions and ELDT practice test. It is a complete package for ELDT certification.

News Section

The ELDT Prep App boasts a News Section feature that provides you with and educates you about the newest trucking industry news. It will increase your awareness and a general understanding of the industry and keep you updated about any new regulations.

Free ELDT Practice Test

We have ELDT (Entry-level Driver Training) practice tests in theory instructions and the CDL mock tests for all of the major categories of endorsements so you may intensively prepare for your CDL exam. The best way to learn is to test your memory and understanding.

Why Do You Need To Complete
The ELDT Training?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations with respect to Entry-Level Driver Training guidelines mandate that all those drivers who seek to obtain a Commercial Driver's License after February 7, 2022, must complete the Entry-Level Driver Training program from a certified training provider to be eligible to give their skills test to obtain their CDL. The drivers on whom the ELDT regulations are applicable are themselves responsible to complete this training, implying that the onus will be off the shoulders of motor carriers who employ these drivers. Entry-Level Driver Training courses are designed to ensure higher safety standards are practiced by drivers before they begin operating a commercial motor vehicle on public roads. It is a compulsory federal standard of training curriculum which is rationalized and rendered in CDL training by every leading CDL training school.

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Prepare with Us for All Major CDL Vehicle Categories

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School Bus

A school bus endorsement is required to carry students to and from school or school-sponsored activities. It is mandatory to pass the theory knowledge exams and skills test to attain it. You must first earn passenger endorsement before applying for this, as a similar training for skills test as a passenger endorsement is needed for School Bus endorsement.

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General knowledge

The CDL general knowledge test, which is required of all applicants, is a written test that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions to be answered within an hour about rules and regulations, safe driving, safe cargo delivery, etc. It is meant to assess your trucking knowledge. The study material is covered in the official CDL handbook.

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Combination vehicles

Combination vehicles are motor vehicles with a tractor and multiple trailers attached to it. The CDL test for such endorsement comprises 20 questions that cover a range of topics such as safe driving, coupling and uncoupling, antilock brake systems, air brakes, etc. because they are larger, heavier and require more driving skills than other CMVs.

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Air brakes

An air brake endorsement is required when the driver-trainee wants to drive a truck, bus, or pull a trailer using air brakes. It encompasses vehicles with an air-only braking system or a combination of air and hydraulic braking system. This test is made up of 25 multiple-choice questions on parts of an air brake system, inspecting air brake systems, etc.

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This endorsement implies the legal ability of a CDL-holding driver to transport bulk quantities of liquids and gases, that aren't dangerous, by trucks. You must pass this test if you plan to operate a vehicle that weighs more than 26000 pounds and transports liquids and gases. It has two sub-endorsements - N endorsement and X endorsement.

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Doubles/Triples endorsement is needed to be acquired for pulling two or three trailers with the same tractor. The test involves a total of 20 multiple-choice questions to assess your knowledge of double and triple trailer driving safety, including using air brakes, coupling and uncoupling trailers, as well as driving in poor weather or road conditions.

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Hazardous material endorsement has a specific curriculum of theory instructions that must be completed to obtain the said endorsement. The test comprises a series of 30 multiple-choice questions regarding hazardous materials. There is a definite list of topics that the instructors must teach during the theory instructions for Hazmat endorsement.

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Passenger Vehicle

The Passenger Endorsement requires completion of both knowledge and skills test requirements. For the knowledge test, you must know the proper procedures for loading/unloading passengers, use of emergency exits, the proper response to emergency situations such as fires and unruly passengers, etc.

ELDT Prep App should be your first and only choice for online Entry-Level Driver Training preparation. We offer a complete package of all that you will need, totally free of cost - an informative ELDT practice test, a bottomless question bank, and a guarantee that you will succeed in your Entry-Level Theory Instructions!

  • Hundreds of questions for rigorous and comprehensive ELDT learning.
  • Prep test in the same format and time limits as the actual test to boost your confidence and efficacy, and help you understand time management during the exam: 60 minutes to answer 50 randomly selected questions, or 40 minutes to answer 20 to 30 questions on various endorsement topics. Review your score and any incorrect answers at the conclusion.
  • Random selection of questions to make certain that you have all your areas of study properly covered and do not miss anything important. Review your score and areas of weakness at the end.
  • Practice as many questions as you want with Practice mode and get an instant response to your incorrect answers, so that you can always correct your concepts.
  • News Section will aid you in remaining up-to-date with all the news related to the trucking industry and any novel regulations being published by FMCSA or DOT.

Download the app and register instantly with your phone number, get verified and start your preparation!

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